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The most popular places to visit in Auvergne...

The most popular places to visit in Auvergne.

Of course France has Paris and its Tour Eiffel. But if you already saw the main cities of France, perhaps it could be a good idea to see other and very interesting parts of France. And it is when the Auvergne region comes up. First of all, we should define what is Auvergne. Auvergne is placed in the very center of France. It is definitively a region with a lot of forests.

Is this post we are going to tell you why Auvergne is a special and exclusive destiny in France. Placed in the center of France, the Auvergne region offers you very different landscapes. You can find mountains (Sancy) , steppes (Cezallier), hills (Forez) or even vulcanos (Chaine des puys).

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¿Would you like to discover the Mézenc covered by flowers ?

Did you know that you can practise a lot of differents activities as trekking, paragliding, kayak, horse-riding, fishing, climbing, golf. During winter, in the four ski resorts, you can snowshoeing and skiing en Puy de Dome (Chastreix, Superbesse, Le Mont-Dore, Prabouré).

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Snowshoeing in Sancy

Actually, the Auvergne is a great place to relax. There are many rivers and altitude lakes

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Servieres Lake

You can also find thermal springs (le Mont Dore, Royat-Chamalières, Saint-Nectaire, La Bourboule, Chatel-Guyon, Vichy) or even spa, for example the Royat Tonic.

I can not forget the hotels

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Hôtel in Vichy

You will enjoy historic romanesque art in the Auvergne : Orcival, Notre-Dame-du-Port, Saint-Austremoine, Saint-Nectaire y Saint Julien.

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Apse of Notre-Dame-du-Port church

you can also visit the castles (Murol, Mauzun, Randan, Tournoël, Viverols) and medieval villages (Besse, Montpeyroux, Hérisson, Charroux, Blesle)

Clermond-Ferrand is not only the capital of L’Auvergne and the capital of the tire industry (the company Michelin has its headquarters there and one of its research centers). It is also a modern student city where people gather in pubs to enjoy concerts in "cooperative de mai" (concert hall for contemporary music), a place where the international festival of short films is held and where the restaurants of downtown proposed menus of world cuisine..

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The statue of Vercingetorix, located in the Plaza de Jaude ; meeting point

And what about the coooking tradition ?

Finally, l’Auvergne is know for its culinary tradition, especially in the field of cheese, no more and no less than 5 cheese appellation : Saint-Nectaire, Bleu d’Auvergne, Fourme d’Ambert and Montbrison, Cantal, Salers.

I suggest to discover the cheeses factories in order to buy directly their products.

Of course, I won’t forget the wines. The certificated of origin wines are Côte « d’Auvergne ». I also can advise vineyards of Boudes and Châteauguay. I swear I tested all of them….

Also, you can taste the local specialty : the famous "truffade" d’Auvergne.

And much more…

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Another surprise, Cervolix, the kite festival takes place every year on the plateau of Gergovie

As for accommodation, there are numerous hotels and farmhouses, but may also find, with an affordable price, campsites reserved for families.

Please contact me is case of interest, I would adapt the visits to your needs.

To summarize , nine councils of the places you should not miss :

Stroll rake Clermond- Ferrand Sunday morning Take a coffee at Le Petitbouchon cafetaria .

Get in and make Pariou picnic in the crater of the volcano.

View featuring " Le Panoramique des Domes " in full sunset not miss .

Evening Stroll through the old city of Clermont Ferrand .

Relax in RoyatTonic following a path in the Massif du Sancy.

Visit the museum of Thiers knives and eat a " Truffade " on any terrace .

Climb to the summit of the Torre de la Cathédrale de Clermont -Ferrand ( entrance into the cathedral )

Participate in a guided tour of Notre -Dame- du -Port organized by the tourist office .

Visit l’ Aventure Michelin , an interactive museum where creating Bibendom explained .

The information I provide is not complete . Simply , I wanted to propose interesting places / the tourist Spanish. They are places that I discovered while visiting the region.

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Welcome to L’ Auvergne !

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